Update – December 12th

01:30 - 12.12.2018

Update – December 12th


Update – Dec. 12th


“Storm Riders” were updated! Stay connected to all news

New events:

Treasure trove

From 12th to 14th of December participate in a grand lottery, gain event points and exchange them for more valuables!

To access the event you need to click on the button “Treasure Trove”

To participate, you’ll need to spend 50 gold or 1 Tally of Creator that can be earned by recharging gold


Do not miss out on the chance to get valuable items!



Offers event

Permanent event! now every day you can collect prizes by recharging a certain amount of gold, and you can also redeem in free mode! just wait for the maturity of the tree of prosperity to reach 100%




In addition to these, players will also get a chance to enjoy popular Reforge event. Get Broken Swords recharging gold at the prosperity tree event or by buying directly from the market for 30 gold.


Upgrade event

Upgrade certain roles and receive temporary elixirs to further boost your character. Check dates:

12th and 13th Dec. – Qilin Hand, Repairing the Horizon and Icy Spirit.
14th and 15th Dec. – Ascension, White Dew and Dark Frozen Earth
16th and 17th Dec. – Battle Armor, Repairing the Horizon and Icy Spirit
18th and 19th Dec. – Mount, Cloak and Demon Destroyer


Gifts for topping up

Receive valuable items when recharging gold


Super Discount Shop

buy elixirs with super discount

Upcoming Events

cooming soon




We wish you all a good game!

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