The battle has begun!

02:56 - 05.12.2018

The battle has begun!



Choose one of four characters, each of which have their own unique weapons and mastery of elements! Be prepared to fight for everything that matters: for glory, for territory and for valuable items! It is not a turn-based strategy; it is a fast-paced, visually intense action game where you need your reaction and rapid decisions during battles.

Check out these unique starting events that will help you to become a martial arts legend!

1. New Server First Top-up Gift

During the event, players who buy ingots for the very first time, also get “The Storm Riders First Top-up Gift”. It does not matter how many golds you bought, you still get the gift. Later each day players can get more bonuses for the first purchase of the day.




2. Gifts for topping up account

Accumulate a specified sum of top-ups and get rewards in the Bonuses Events.

  • 200 gold: 10 Mount Upgrade Elixirs, 15 Honored syntesis talisman, 2 Dragon Scale, 2 Exchange Token
  • 500 ingots: 20 Mount Upgrade Elixirs, Sword 4, 2 Dragon Scale, 5 Exchange Token
  • 1000 ingots: 40 Mount Upgrade Elixirs, 3 Mount energy elixir, 3 Dragon Scale, 8 Exchange Token
  • 2000 ingots: 50 Potent Mount Elixir, 5 Ideal Upgrade Talisman, 5 Dragon Scale, 10 Exchange Token
  • 5000 ingots: 100 Potent Mount Elixir, Sword 7, 5 Dragon Scale, 20 Exchange Token
  • 10.000 ingots: 500 Potent Mount Elixir, 10 Ideal Upgrade Talisman, 5 Dragon Scale, 30 Exchange Token
  • 40.000 ingots: 800 Potent Mount Elixir, 5 Mount transformation elixir, 5 Dragon Scale, 50 Exchange Token


3.Dragon Scales Events


The Dragon Scales acquired in “Gifts for topping up” can be used in “Large Scales exchange of dragon scales”. Conquer valuable items



4.Level Ranking

High-level players who meet the specified requirements can get the rewards below. Event rewards are limited and available on a first come first served basis. Rewards and rules are following:

  • 45 level reached: 1.000.000 XP, 100.000 Silver, 2x 3 Elixirs of profit, 8 Riding Elixir
  • 55 level reached: 2.000.000 XP, 100.000 Silver, 2x 5 Elixirs of profit, Ascension Elixir
  • 60 level reached: 2.000.000 XP, 200.000 Silver, 2x 6 Elixirs of profit, 8 Green Dragon Remains
  • 65 level reached: 3.000.000 XP, 200.000 Silver, 2x 8 Elixirs of profit, 8 Crazy Blood
  • 70 level reached: 6.000.000 XP, 400.000 Silver, 2x 9 Elixirs of profit, 8 Magic Stone
  • 75 level reached: 1.000.000 Silver, Purple Ring, 2x 10 Elixirs of profit, 15 Equipment Upgrade Elixir



5.Who’s Mount is the Coolest?

The event starts the first, second and third day after opening a new server. When the event ends, TOP 10 in the rank (mount, ascension, and tormentor) and is reached the Rank 3 get rewards. The ranking’s is based on their BR.



6. Awesome Gifts

The Exchange Tokens acquired in “Gifts for topping up” can be used in “Awesome gifts”. Conquer the glorious Outfit of the Secret Agent for 30 Exchange Tokens.



7. Gifts from Recharge

The event is started on the first day after opening a new server. This event is restarted daily at midnight. All top-up records are reset at this time.



8.Topping up Rank


The event starts on the first day after opening a new server but you need reach the 60 level for unlock this event!
You can make the rating by topping up the minimum 100 gold. The rank is updated all midnight!


Become a master of martial arts!


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